Best 5 Android Application to find lost or stolen Android Mobile

After saving your hard-earned money for a long, you finally got your hands on your desired Android device? Congrats, if this is so.

Of course, you are going to keep proper care of your smartphone, but still, are you fully confident that your esteemed Android smartphone will not get lost anywhere?

Come on, don’t answer it as ‘Yes’ in over-excitement. Bad luck knows no name.

So what if you lost your Android mobile, the mobile that you bought after waiting for a long?

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As it has happened with me, so I know the frustration that such situations cause.

But thanks to Android apps using which I have found my lost mobile.

You might be interested to know about the Android apps to find a lost mobile.

Proceed ahead to give your interest a practical shot.

Best Android Apps to find a lost mobile

Here are best 5 Android apps which help to find your lost or stolen Android mobile.

First 4 helps you if your Android is internet enabled and last one Android app helps if your Android don’t have internet connection.

Wheres my Droid

Undoubtedly the best Android app to find a lost mobile.

Wheres my Droid is free app that comes with the features like remotely lock device, remotely wipe data.

The app notifies you when SIM card gets changed in your lost Android mobile.

Moreover, you can find a lost mobile by making it ring/vibrate or via GPS location.

The GPS feature tracks the current location of your lost Android mobile. Download it from Play Store.

Prey Anti-Theft

Another free Android app that allows you to find a lost mobile.

The mission to find a lost mobile is done by tracking GPS location of your phone by sending a text message to the same.

You can track the current location of your lost Android mobile via web interface. Get it from Google Play.


SeekDroid comes with a bunch of features that enable you to find a lost mobile.

You can track your lost mobile’s location via GPS feature, on this app’s website.

Other features of this app include; set off the phone’s alarm, lock the phone, remote wipe the phone or even SD card.

This feature is really good if your lost mobile contains data that should not be revealed with others.

The app is just better than the best to find a list mobile. It required Android 2.2 or higher version and costs you $0.99. Buy it from Android Play Store.

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Lookout Security & Antivirus

This is an award-winning antivirus & security app, and allows users to find a lost mobile.

‘Find my Phone’ feature of this app enables you to track the location of lost mobile on Google Maps.

The tracking works even if the GPS of your lost mobile is turned off. Recommended Android app to find a lost mobile.

The antivirus features in this app are like a Bonus! Get it from Play Store.

Plan B

The only app that you download after you lost your mobile.

Login to Google Play with the same email ID and password that you were using in mobile that you have lost, and install it from browser.

After a few minutes, you get the successful installation and ‘work in progress’ confirmation via mail in your Gmail account that you used to sign in to Google Play.

After that, the app send you an email with tracking details of your lost mobile on Google Maps.

Then you can perform your part to find a lost mobile. Download it from Google Play.

So it was the list of best Android apps to find a lost mobile. Give them a try right !