Tips for Secure web browsing on Android Devices

With the increasing number of people using internet on mobiles, it is very much necessary to know about secure web browsing on Android devices.

Android phones come with lot of features to make the users to experience top notch surfing experience.

While browsing on Android smart phone, users need to take precautions and have to ensure that they are opting only for secure browsing.

There is high necessity of following these secure browsing tips while surfing on Android smart phones.

People use smart phones with their customized options.

So, it is obvious that they would save usernames and passwords for different sites, including the banking and shopping sites, for convenience.

But in some cases, hackers or malware or virus might attacks to mobile phone and might transfer those details to other persons.

Hence it is very much necessary to be careful regarding auto saved passwords and usernames on Android smart phones.

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Tips for Secure web browsing on Android Devices

Even though the problems associated with viruses are often reported on computers and laptops, there are also instances where mobile phones getting attacked by viruses. Much care has to be taken in order to prevent the possible attacks on mobile phones. Although such instances are low nowadays, these virus threats for mobiles are expected to increase in the coming days. With different kinds of connectivity options available on Android smart phones, there are more chances for virus threats on mobile phones.

Make sure that you scan your Android smart phone regularly using any of the top antivirus programs. This will make you aware of the virus and malware which might have been already present in the mobile phone.

Disable Java Script in your Android browser. Only when you ensure that the particular site is secure, you can enable Java script for that page. Make sure that you allow the web pages to run Java only after coming to know that they are secure.

Uncheck the option on your Android browser to prevent plugins from loading. These plugins will generally come from web pages and they might carry some malware. Hence they are to be prevented on web pages by default, but can be allowed only after ensuring that the page is secure.

One of the most important tips to be kept in mind is that, the pop ups are to be blocked. As like on computers browser, these pop ups are annoying also on Android browser. Hence they are to be blocked.

Few browsers are not of the latest version. Hence they might not be updated with regard to security aspects. Update your browsers regularly and ensure that you have latest version of browser installed on your Android phone.

Regularly clear cache on your browser. As like on the PC browser, users need to clear the cache on phones’ browser also.

History on the browser should also be removed regularly. This will also help in making the browser faster.

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Don’t accept cookies, unless you want to do it purposefully. By default, your Android smart phones’ browser will be accepting these cookies, but you need to change the settings such that it won’t accept cookies.