Backup and Restore WhatsApp Messages on Android Device

The cross-platform instant messaging app ‘WhatsApp’ has been following up curve in its popularity graph, ever since its launch.

The developers just revealed that the app is serving more than 10 billion messages per day. Well, this count is enough evidence of popularity of this app.

If you use this app for staying in touch with your loving beings on your Android while on the move, then you might be interested to backup and restore WhatsApp messages for obvious reasons.

If this is so, then this simple-to-follow tutorial on how to take backup and restore WhatsApp messages, will make you learn the process easily.

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How to Backup of WhatsApp Messages

  • Tap the WhatsApp icon to launch the same.
  • Tap the Menu button and select Settings and then navigate to Chat Settings.
  • In the ‘Chat Settings’, you can find Backup conversations. Just tap on it.
  • Rest work is of WhatsApp. It will backup your messages.
Backup WhatsApp Messages

So now you are with a backup copy of your messages that you can restore any time. The process to restore your WhatsApp messages is also simple. Just follow these steps.

How to Restor WhatsApp Messages

Depending on the fact that where you want to restore this backup, there are two ways.

To Restore WhatsApp Messages on the Same Android Device

If you want to restore the WhatsApp messages on the same device, in which you are using WhatsApp currently,

then there is not need to transfer the backup file to your computer. Still, it’s wise thing to do so.

  • Firstly, uninstall the WhatsApp client from your Android device. Do it.
  • While reinstalling WhatsApp, you will be asked about restoring the conversations.Allow it to do so, and your WhatsApp messages will get restored.

To Restore WhatsApp Messages on Another Android Device

In this case, just transfer the WhatsApp Messages backup (that you have in your PC) to the SD card of another Android device.

Make sure that WhatsApp is not installed already on that device.

How to Update You Android Device to Latest OS?

Install it only after transferring the backup folder to its SD card.

That’s all. I hope that you are well-familiar with the process to backup and restore WhatsApp Messages. Implement it right away.