How to connect Samsung Kies on PC using USB

Year 2012 was a golden period for South Korean company Samsung. With its esteemed smartphones and tablets launched in 2012, Samsung wins the tag of ‘Best Mobile Manufacturer’, and holds around 31.3 percent share in Global Mobile Marketplace.

Might you know Samsung sold about 20 million Galaxy S3 in just 100 days and even after launching of iPhone 5 sales of Galaxy S3 not affected .

Well, you might be having Samsung smartphone or tablet in your hands. If this is so, then ‘Samsung Kies’ might not be a new name for you.

If this is, then let me clear the air that Samsung Kies allows you to  send music, games and other data via USB cable.

Samsung Kies is best used for updating the Android of your Samsung device to latest available version.

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If you don’t know about how to connect Samsung Kies on PC using USB, then this simple tutorial is going to help you for sure.

How to Connect Samsung Kies on PC using USB

  • Of course, the very first requirement is to install Sasmung Kies on PC. Download the standalone version of Samsung Kies from here.
  • Once the downloading finishes, just install it. Nothing complex in doing so. Just follow the on-screen instructions and steps, and you will be done with successful installation.
  • Connect your Samsung smartphone or tablet to PC via USB cable. Yes, the same USB cable that you got along with your Samsung device. What? You don’t have it? Go, buy one!
  • Samsung Kies will detect your device itself and the process of Driver installation for your Samsung device will get started.
  • You will be keep notified with the installation process with a little notification at the right bottom of your desktop.
  • Be patient as complete installation may take some time. Again the notification at the bottom right side of your desktop will notify you when the installation gets completed successfully.
  • Once the drivers for your Samsung device gets installed successfully, it will get listed under ‘Connected Devices’ category in Samsung Kies on PC.

You are done with connecting to Samsung Kies on PC using USB. Quite simple process with a very small manual part.

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Almost the complete process is automatic. No complexity, nothing! Still, feel free to ask your queries regarding the process, via the comment section below.

Very rare chances of any problem to cut your way to end.