Tiny Task Software – Free Download Task Automation Application

Tiny Task is a computer task automating app for mouse auto clicking.

It can automatically do simple task in a fraction of the time.

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Easy to use, and no need for a mouse.  Tiny Task Tool’s Mouse button can be customized for each task.

What Is Tiny Task Software?

Tiny Task is a software that allows you to automate mouse clicks.

You can program the app to perform multiple clicks at the same time, or in a sequence and you can assign certain tasks to specific buttons.

This could be helpful for anyone who has repetitive computer tasks to perform, such as clicking an ad every 10 seconds or dragging and dropping some items. into a folder.

This is the perfect computer tasks automating app for those who want to save time and do their mouse clicking automatically.

Tiny Task App allows you to set up to three different clicks per second, or the number of clicks per minute, or the number of clicks per hour and it will execute them automatically.

With this application you can use your computer for other things without worrying about your mouse clicking being slow and repetitive .

also this is a great way to save time and do all the repetitive mouse clicking automatically.

There are some features that you can use like mouse clicking, computer tasks, automated app.

Tiny Task is an easy to use application that will allow users to automate their computer tasks by quickly and easily clicking the mouse.

With this, you can create a list of tasks that you want the computer to automatically do for you.

Once the application is downloaded, it’s quick and easy to configure.

the tasks and have your computer do that for you each time you log on.

With the app, all you have to do is simply click a button to start your task list.

Tiny Task software is easy enough for anyone to use and no programming skills are required and it’s designed with a simple, graphical interface anyone can understand.

This is a computer tasks automating app that works on Windows and Mac OS X.

It is an application that will help you manage your daily computer activities with just one click.