Lockit APP- Android Encrypting Application Download For Free 2023

Lockit APP is an Android app that allows users to keep their confidential information and private photos locked on a device.

File Locker main image

It also lets them share files with others or send them to friends via email or text message in a secure manner.

Lockit APP is perfect for individuals who want to share large files with their friends and family without worrying about hackers or prying eyes.

Unique Aspects of Lockit APP

Lockit APP also has a sleek interface that is easy to navigate and the user can also choose from a variety of themes, with each theme changing the overall look of the app.

Moreover it also lets users create and manage their own folders for organizing their files.

This app for Android enables you to lock, hide, encrypt and password protect your files and folders on your phone.

Files can be hidden from the phone’s internal storage as well as from other apps also you can also choose to lock all files with a password.

Have you ever been annoyed by the often inconvenient file sharing process? Well, you’re not alone.

Files can be shared anytime and from anywhere, but it’s still so difficult to find the right app on Google Play Store that doesn’t cost a lot or is hard to install.

This is where Lockit App for Android comes in to save the day for you, just install  the App on your device, follow the easy-to-follow instructions and start sharing files right away.

This is a mobile application that lets you secure and hide sensitive documents in an ad-hoc, convenient way.

This is the easiest way to keep your important data safe on your device and the app is compatible with iOS 8 and above.

The Lockit APP gives users the ability to share files with others in a secure and private way through the use of text messages.