ZArchiver Apk For Android | Free Download Latest Version

Zarchiver APK is specialized for Android devices. It is a creation of ZDevs. The app lets the users work and manage compressed files directly from an android tablet or smartphone using a functional and easy-to-use interface. 

This comes with more benefits compared to other file managers. It is packed with hundreds of features.



  • Zarchiver has a graphical user interface that eases the handling of all types of files directly without using command-line tools like cpio or tar or text editors. 
  • This is compatible with many standard archive file formats like XZ, rar5, rar, 7z (7zip), bzip2(bz2), and gzip (gz). The user can edit the archives and read the whole content. 
  • Zarchiver allows making compressed files. Users can view the content of files that are in 7z, rar, bzip2, zip, gzip, XZ, iso, cab, arj, tar, lzh, lzma, tgz, xar, tbz, Z, deb, lha, rpm, zipx and mtz
  • Users can put special symbols like national flags when naming archive files. Zarchiver supports UTF-8/ UTF-16 Unicode format. So the user can customize the label.
  • Zarchiver allows users to check archived files received through the mail apps like Yahoo Mail or Gmail. It also manages passwords from encrypted archives. 

How to download it?

Zarchiver can be downloaded onto your android devices, pc, and Ios. Though it is developed for Android, devices, it is compatible with other devices too. 

This is easily installed onto android devices. Two methods are available to download the app.  Users can get it from Google Playstore or download and install it. 

The users can download the Zarchiver app to the PC. First, an android emulator needs to be installed. BlueStacks is one such emulator. After the installation process, click on “Next’’ a couple of times. Users can proceed with the installation process and wait until finish to start downloading with the android emulator. Now, the users can easily download Zarchiver APK to the PC. 

This works well in ios devices after installing it correctly. iPhone and iPad versions of the Zarchiver apk are available.

Safety and Legality

Zarchiver is a useful app for people who deals with compressed files. This is concerned about the safety of every file. It allows encryption of archived files for more security. This is a safe app to use on android devices, PC, and Ios devices.


How can I unzip a file in Zarchiver?

Tap on the file to highlight it. Then press the down arrow icon to create the compressed archive. It is easy to compress created folders. The user can select the method to compress the file. 

How to compress a file using Zarchiver?

Select the required zip file and click on it. Options like ‘View,’ ‘Extract to. //’, ‘Extract here,’ ‘Extract…’, ‘Test,’ ‘and Compress to *.zip, ‘Compress….’, ’ ‘Compress to *.7z’ will appear on the screen.  Then, select the required task and compress the file. 

Do I want to pay for Zarchiver?

This does not cost any dollar to download or install. This is a free app.

Can I download for my pc?

Zarchiver can be downloaded to the pc using an android emulator.