Run Cow Run for Android

Have you watched that 3D Cartoon? What do you call it? Ferdinand? Whenever I play this game, it reminds me of the movie Ferdinand which makes me cry every time I watch it. Run Cow Run perfectly highlights what the meat industry hides from its customers, which is why I really wanted to bring this to the table. Well, let’s talk some about this amazing, funny yet advanced game play.

Run Cow Run plots a story about a cow that lives on a farm. The cow one day realizes what exactly happens to the animals on the farm. The very moment she realizes, she tries to escape the farm but not alone. She rescues all the other animals that are trapped in farm cages. She makes them escape along with her. While they escape, the vicious farmer who owns the farm chases to kill the cow. She runs and runs through windmills and many other obstacles.

All you got to do is, help the cow run faster and safer until she finds out that she is not being chased by anyone. There will be many obstacles on the way, and you should carefully take the cow from those obstacles. You will be offered different power ups so the cow could run faster to her safe destination.

This is a free game that available for both phones and TVs. You can install this game on any Android phone using play store, AC Market and Aptoide. For Android TV boxes you can use Aptoide TV, Play Store TV and Filelinked.

Features of Run Cow Run game application

  • Run Cow Run can be played free of charge. You won’t be charged, and there will be no subscription plans either. You can play this game using only your mobile data.
  • Run Cow Run is a 2D graphics game that makes the players feel like they are watching a cartoon.
  • This is gameplay where you can smoothly play. There will be no stuck or any bothers from unwanted ads.
  • You will be provided numerous kinds of power ups so the cow could run faster, prevent obstacles and lose the farmer who is chasing to kill her. It is up to you. You should save the cow from being the victim.
  • Run Cow Run supports your Android TV. You can control it from your remote control. A joystick is not necessarily needed, but if you are willing to play using a joystick, well, you can.
  • You will be given farm animals, including the Cow. There will be farm animals such as Pigs, Hens, Chicken, Duck, Sheep, Squirrels, and many more. You should also save them while you make the cow escape from her farm.
  • Run Cow Run also provides a Free Run Cow Run clock widget.
  • There will also be a mini game called New Flappy Cow Mini Game. You can also play this game.


Games require more power and speed to run at max graphics and speed. You can use performance booster application if you need one. Best available performance booster applications are clean master, Bee Booster and AVG Cleaner.  Apart from clean master you can download other two tools from play store. Run Cow Run is an award-winning game. This has been popular as the best running game. The game app was inspired by the true incidents and stories of the cows that live on farms and die because of humans’ greed.