Best Apps for your Android Device in 2023

Our team spent months in search of apps which suits best to their user’s interests.

After thorough searching and experimentation we compile a list of best new android apps for 2020.

This list contains all types of apps from messengers, file managers, keyboards, weather, GSP & navigation, Image editors, music, videos, TV, security & anti-viruses, personalization and better productivity apps.

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1. Best Messenger Applications For Android Phones

Messaging apps are trending since the turn of the decade and still their users are rapidly growing day by day.

People now prefer to message each other over internet rather than using cellular services to text each other.

Our Team pick two best messaging apps from almost 100 top contenders after months of trail and testing.

Here are the best android massaging application for 2020.


Whatsapp became a sensation ever since its launch in start of this decade in January 2010.

This app becomes a new sensation in massaging world over a period of last 7 years.

WhatsApp is now owned by Facebook owner mark zuckerburg. Mark is trying all sort of things like voice and video calls, and new status updates in recent past.

With over 1 billion downloads and end to end encryption. Whatsapp becomes our first choice in best massaging amps for 2020.


Telegram is shockingly our second choice because of some unique features. It is somewhat similar to Whatsaap.

Telegram provides end to end encryption and group chats just like Whatsapp.

You can also use same telegram account on multiple devices which is often not a common feature of massaging apps.

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2. Best file manager Apps in Google Play store For Android users

#Solid Explorer

Solid explorer is one of the best replacement for ES file explorer. With handy design and features like navigating two panels at a time makes it unique.

You can easily drag a file from one panel to another opening them at once.

Solid explorer also allow you to navigate files and folders in Google Drive, Ftp Severs, Drop box and many more storage clouds.

You can also use if to extract Zip and rar files. You can also customize its color scheme and theme.

Trail period of two weeks is free and after that you have to buy it for $2. So at least test it for two weeks. We pick this because of its amazing features.

#Amaze File Manager

Amaze File Manager is very easy to use file managing software. It is totally free but lack few features which are available in Solid explorer.

Amaze File Manager can create thumbnails (except pdf) of any type of files. You can do basic tasks like deleting, copy pasting and moving files from one folder to another.

Amaze File Manager can’t give you access to your Micro SD card Data.

Best Keyboard Application For Android in 2020 #Fleksy Flesky is good for people who want to type fast and accurate.

Its size is bigger than normal keyboards which allow you to use both thumbs. It comes with some smart features etc Back swipe quick delete.

It’s totally free with lots of extensions.


Swift key is one of the most efficient keyboards with good word recognition and spell checker.

Swift key is totally free. It works very well with big screens especially tablets.

Best Weather Apps For Android #MoreCast

Google now weather app comes inbuilt with most android phones.

But if you want to know more about weather then MoreCast is one Weather app you must try.

MoreCast Give you great features like side by side comparison of two cities. It also gives you weather forecast on routes for travelling. MoreCast is free.

It is one of the best looking weather app in Google Play store. You can search it in Google Play Store for Android By typing Morecast USA Weather and Radar.

For more on weather Apps check Best Weather Apps For Android 2020.

Best GPS and navigation Application on PlayStore for Android Phone

#Here WeGO Maps

We all use GSP and Google Maps every now and then. Mostly we use them for navigation purposes.

Google Maps comes in built it all android phones. Other then Google Map you can Try Here Maps. It is a product of Nokia.

The best feature is that you can download it for a specific country and use it offline with same efficiency.

Its free of cost and gives you features like turn by turn navigation also. You can search even in offline mode with satellite images.

You can down it Via Google Play store by Typing Here WeGo Offline maps and GPS.

Best Android Apps to Edit Images #Photo Editor

PhotoDirector Photo Editor App offers you the highest numbers of features for a mobile Photo editing application.

We tested it for few months before suggesting it to you.

It gives you cool and simple features like text in bubble and normal filter to complex features like Curves.

You can mess around and within few minutes you will get a great looking photo.

Best Android App For Music #SoundCloud

SoundCloud is a very light, easy to use software with tons of music on it. It also consumes less data then any other music app on Android.

So for online songs addicts sound cloud is the best option. It is also free of cost.

They only downside of sound cloud is “You will find lots of covers of the same song not sung by original singer”.

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#Google Play Music

Google play music is one of the best options to download music on your android phone.

Other apps are also available for the same purpose. But mostly, music downloading apps were struck by copyrights complains and removed after few months.

Via Google Play Music You can download Top Music track from your favorite singers.

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#PowerAMP Music Player

We all know that our inbuilt android music player do a lot for normal users.

But PowerAMP is best if you want to crank up the base or any other expect of your music. You can try PowerAmp trail version for free.

So download it and play your music in dj Style.

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Best Apps for Tv And Movies


Everyone heard about Netflix.

But I am not sure if you want to spend a hefty amount to watch movies and TV which are totally free with Hulu App on android.

It is currently working In USA only. Sorry for other subscribers. We Hope hulu will launch its app worldwide in 2020.

“How to Watch Tv Shows totally free on Android phone”

Best Android Productivity Apps For 2020

#Password Manager apps

For a tech nerd like me remembering passwords of every single account is almost impossible.

In computer we will straight jump in an excel file to note them.

But in mobile Password Manager apps solves this solution. After trail and testing we stick to Dashlane password saving app.

In Dashlane you can save all your passwords and data to fill forms and fields afterwards.

Their encryption is super safe for your precious data.

Coping data is also safe because you can avoid keyloggers when using your credit cards.

Best Storage Cloud application for Android Phone 2020

#Google Drive

This time we stick to the champs. Google drive is one of the best suitable option as a storage could for android users.

Luckily it comes as an in built app in android smart phones. They are the safest, biggest free cloud storage facility on internet for sure.

They are a part of big Google suit.

Here I am listing 3 best launcher application for personalization of your android device.

#Action launcher 3

Action launcher is simple easy to use launcher for android mobiles and tablets.

You can change the icons and layout of apps with help of action launcher. You can also alter your home screen with action launcher.

It’s totally free and easy to use. Most importantly, it will not freak you out.

So download Action launcher and play with it to find the right balance and style.

#Nova Launcher

iOS and android are two fierce competitors in mobile and tablets market. But iOS lack the ability of customization and personalization option in their devices.

On the other hand Android gives you this great ability to play with different types of launchers.

Nova is one of the most popular launcher for android.

It works with every device with android version greater then 4.1. Nova launcher gives you complete control to change icons of apps, layouts, font sizes, number of applications on your home screen, scrolling effects and many more things.

Nova can also let you enjoy the look of any other mobile even iOS if you want it.

It comes as both free and paid app.

Free Nova launcher app gives you enough ability to olav with your interface. So try Nova launcher for free.

#Next Lock Screen

Next Lock screen allows you to operate certain function of your phone without even unlocking it.

It will show your text massages and missed calls on your lock screen. Next Lock Screen app will also allow you to use phone setting, music options and control and many more notification and reminders without unlocking your phone.

It will also suggest you good apps based upon your current location to customize your phone locally.

This app is free and designed by Microsoft to bring new level of personalization to your lock screen. So here is the best lock screen application for android users.

We are always open for your advice to improve our knowledge and to share it with others.

So if you think you knew any cool application we missed then comment below and let us know.

I hope all of you found some sort of helpful information in this article regarding new android phone best apps for 2020.

Thanks for your time and effort.